Welcome to a wonderful way of being with children… AMI Montessori…..

Children develop most fully when a prepared Montessori environment allows for independence and self direction.

Welcome to Middleburg Montessori School!

The Middleburg Montessori School is an AMI accredited Montessori School that has served children  2 1/2 through 14 years of age for over thirty years in the Middleburg community.  The Middleburg Montessori School was founded on and operates within the educational philosophy developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, who recognized and respected the natural interests and sensitive periods of learning present in children.  The Montessori approach is centered on this respect for the child, on the development of the intrinsic curiosity, and on fostering independence, concentration, coordination, self confidence, and sense of order.   The children work in various areas of the total curriculum, which includes practical life, sensorial, mathematics, language, geography, science, culture and movement.

BethAnn Slater, the Head of School and Primary directress of Middleburg Montessori School loves children and the development of children.   She has an AMI Montessori Certificate as well as a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Development and has taught for over fifteen years both in public and private settings.

Kim Walton also cherishes her time with children.  Kim is Assistant Head of School and Elementary directress.  She has an undergraduate degree from Bucknell University, an AMI Assistants Certificate and studies at Montessori Training Center of Minnesota.  She has worked with children in both public and private settings for twelve years in both volunteer and professional capacities.

Fostering independence and the love of learning in children from 2 1/2 through 14 years of age.


Concentration is the key to greater thinking and mind power! This can only grow through the use of the hands in self-selected real work! AMI Montessori provides this all day every day in a beautifully prepared environment! Come observe and see it in action today!